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Izgudrojumu un izgudrotāju atlases principi


The Republic of Latvia has always been able to take pride in outstanding and internationally acknowledged achievements in science and technique.

Already for several decades new scientific conclusions and their transformation into progressive technologies and constructions in pharmacy, chemistry, gene engineering, biotechnology, magnetic hydrodynamics, solid state physics as well as in other fields have made the name of Latvia known in the world.

The principled developments of these technological processes and constructions are the novelties invented and implemented by their authors - inventions with their practical utilization being one of the foundation-stones of the development of the Latvian national economy and its economic upturn now and hopefully in the future as well.

With great satisfaction I must mark that most of these inventions have been in time protected with patents not only in Latvia but also abroad where this practice was expedient, besides many licence contracts have been concluded on their basis.

By presenting the collection “Inventions and Inventors of Latvia” to the widest auditorium we are not only proud of the accomplishment of the Latvian inventor body but we also believe that this material will give an impulse to scientific and technical contacts between the Latvian and foreign scientists and specialists valuable to both parts in a wide range of scientific problems.

Zigrids Aumeisters
Director, Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia
Riga, November 29, 1999