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Head, Laboratory of Magnetohydrodynamic Technology
Institute of Physics
University of Latvia

Miera iela 32
Salaspils-1, LV 2169

Phone: +371 2945 855; +371 29502314
Fax: +371 790 1214
E-mail: ;

Born: November 30, 1936, Moscow, Russia

Interests in inventing:

  • Electromagnetic methods and devices for managing hydrodynamic, heat/mass transfer processes in liquid metal media
  • Development of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) method and devices for the production of single crystals
  • Development of electromagnetic methods for the implementation of cosmic technologies on the Earth

Main invention:

  • Methods and devices for soldering and tinning of pressed schemes of electronic equipment (16 authors’ certificates of USSR). Implementation: in 5 plants in the former USSR and the Republic of Cuba. The complex of these inventions is based on the utilization of MHD wave formers enabling the process of continuous automatic soldering.
  • Methods and devices for conducting liquid metal flows in metallurgy and units of nuclear energetics (18 authors’ certificates of USSR and 6 patents of USSR and USA). Implementation: in 4 plants in the former USSR and USA. These inventions are based on the hydraulic resistance and speed structure changes of flows subject to the influence of different types of magnetic fields.
  • Methods and devices for the production of composite materials from unmixable components (12 authors’ certificates of USSR and 1 foreign patent). Implementation: in 2 plants in the former USSR and Israel. The essence of these inventions is based on the creation of quasi-weightlessness on the Earth, i.e. such methods that previously could be implemented only in cosmic technologies.
  • MHD methods and devices for the production of single crystal materials (13 authors’ certificates of USSR and 3 foreign patents). Implementation: in 2 plants in former USSR and Germany. The main idea is based on the change of heat/mass quality in the fusion and growing single crystal surface under the influence of electromagnetic field.

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 130 (108 authors’ certificates of USSR, 7 patents of Latvia and 15 patents of other countries).

Authors’ certificates of USSR:

  • Device for soldering and tinning of pressed schemes. Nr. 395197 (co-authors: I.Kocins, S.Buslovics)
  • Device for soldering with solder wave. Nr. 421447 (co-authors: S.Buslovics, E.Vilks, I.Kocins)
  • Magnetohydrodynamic method of regulation of electroconductive liquid consumption. Nr. 282062 (co-authors: O.Lielausis, A.Sterns)
  • Magnetohydrodynamic throttle. Nr. 695470 (co-authors: L.Gorbunovs, I.Vitkovskis) (picture 2)
  • Method for the production of composite material castings. Nr. 726735 (co-authors: M.Sorkins, V.Gorovics)
  • Device of unmixable components for the production of composite material castings. Nr. 786141 (co-authors: L.Gorbunovs, S.Semins, M.Sorkins).
  • MAHYD device for silicon single crystal growing. Nr. 1.230.225 (co-authors: L.Gorbunovs, M.Sorkins, A.Bojarevics)
  • MAHYD method (technology) for semiconductor single crystal growing. Nr. 1.549.126 (co-authors: L.Gorbunovs, M.Abricka).

Foreign patents:

  • USA: Nr. 3.807903 (1974); Nr. 5.333.627 (1994); 6.001.170 (1999) 
  • France: Nr. 2.161.457 (1973)
  • Italy: Nr. 941148 (1973)
  • FRG: Nr. 2154.444 (1976)
  • Great Britain: Nr. 1.353.556 (1975)
  • Sweden: Nr.7.114.994-2 (1975)
  • Patents of Europe: Nr. EPO 758689A1 (1997); EPO 854.209A1 (1998); 027359927.2-2122-IL0200400 (2005) 
  • Germany: Nr. DE 19529481A1 (1998); DE 19652543A1 (1999); DE10000097.5 (2000); DE10000097  (2001); DE10102126 (2002) 
  • Russia: Nr. 1.80.7547

Patents of Latvia:

  • MHD-mixer. LV5570, 1994. (co-author: V.Foliforovs)
  • Method for continuous casting of aluminium plate. LV11122, 1996. (co-author: V.Foliforovs)
  • Iekārta aluminija cinka vai to sakausējumu aizsargpārklājuma uznēšanai uz sloksnes materiāla. LV11907, 1997 (co-author V.Foliforov)
  • Method and apparatus for solid particle introduction into molten metals. LV13262, 2005 (co-authors J.Grabis, M.Skopis)
  • Device for stirring of molten metals or alloys in metallurgical sets. LV13571, 2007  (Co-authors V.Foliforovs,  S.Tuselskis) 
  • Linear inductor of travelling magnetic field for metallurgical sets. LV13580,  2007 (co-authors  V.Foliforovs, S.Tuselskis, V. Pojarkovs, V.Maslakovs
  • General-purpose complex for producing and Casting of alluminium alloys. LV13575, 2007 (co-authors  V.Foliforovs, S.Tuselskis)  

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