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Founder of the professional design in Latvia.

Born: December 4, 1910, Riga, Latvia
Died: August 31, 1983, Riga, Latvia

Main invention:

  • Design of radio sets, radio receivers, radiograms and tape-recorders

VEF (Government Electrotechnical Factory):

    VEFAR MD/35; VEFAR MD/37; VEFAR 2L MD/37; VEFAR 2BD/37; VEFTRIO 3BD/37; VEFSUPER MD/37; VEFSUPER LMD/37; VEFSUPER LUX MD/37; VEFSUPER LUXUS MD/37; VEFON MD/39; VEF SUPER MD/39; VEFAR MD/39; VEFTRIO BD/39; VEFAR 2BD/39; VEFSUPER KBD/39 (portable radio receiver with batteries).


    VEFLUXUS M 1307 (with automatic tuning-up); VEFLUX M 607; VEFON M 607; VEFSUPER M 507; VEFSUPER SM 507; VEFSUPER KBD/40; VEFSUPER B 306; VEFLUX M 717; VEFON M 617; VEFSUPER M 517; VEFSUPER LM 507; VEFSUPER B 316; VEFAR B 211; RMK M 311.


    Baltika (Baltica); P3; Akords (Accord); Latvija (Latvia); LUX; Miers (Peace); Turists (Tourist) (first portable radio receiver in USSR); Kristals (Crystal) (6 different variants of outer appearance); LUZ and Akords (Accord) (15 variants for radiograms); VEF Spidola; VEF-12.

Voronez radio plant "Elektrosignal" (Russia), 1941:

    5 variants of radio receiver outward form and outer appearance project of device “Speaking paper” (original predecessor of tape-recorder).

Production association “Radiotehnika” from 1960- :

    Gauja (first transistor receiver in USSR); Selga, Selga 2; Selga 403; Banga; VEF Radio; Amata; Rigonda mono (the most popular radiogram in 1964-1969); Rigonda stereo (first stereo radiogram in USSR); Simfonija (Symphony); Simfonija 003; Riga 301-A; Riga 301-B; Orbita 1; Orbita 2; Orbita 303; Riga 101 (first block type radiogram in USSR); Riga 101B; Riga 102; Riga 103; Viktorija 001 (first stereo radiogram with transistors in USSR); VEF transistor 10; VEF transistor 17; record electric player 4-68; Riga 302 (certificate for industrial design); Riga 302 B; Electrophone Akords (Accord); Saturns (Saturn); Spidola 269.

Tape-recorder projects 1970-1972:

    Orbita 303 and Orbita 102; Astra 5; Legenda (Legend) (cassette recorder); Ritms (Rhythm) (cassette recorder).

  • Development of "MINOX" camera:

VEF, 1935-1940:

    trademark; camera body, common solution of maintenance elements; film developing tank; small enlargement device (size 6,5x9 cm); enlargement device (up to the size of 24x30 cm); VEF MINOX advertisement.

  • Decorative design of VEF electric organ (1935-1940)

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