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Research-and Production Enterprise «MEDICAMINA»

Born: December 12, 1933, Auce, Latvia
Died: March 14, 2008, Riga, Latvia


Interests in inventing:

Development of natural cures and cosmetics

Main invention:

New type of ointments – plasterointments that consist of nature high-molecular combinations forming membrane and biologically active component. A short while after the ointment is laid on the wound it forms a hygienic, skin-like “bandage” – a plaster.

Selection of patent documents:

  • I.Kaimins, V.Karlivans a.o. Method for activation of cellulose. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.818141 (1981). SIK C08B 1/00
  • R.Rezins, I.Kaimins a.o. Method for preparing cover for the formation of sausage products. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1018612 (1983). SIK A22C 13/00
  • I.Kaimins, Z.Klavins a.o. Composition for the fixation of dental plates. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1142930 (1985). SIK A61K 6/00
  • I.Kaimins, G.Ozolina a.o. Preventive preparation for hand skin. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1277456 (1986). SIK A61K 7/40
  • I.Kaimins, A.Ozolina a.o. Composition for perfusion of pinks „Rimezivs” . Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1339924 (1987). SIK A61L 15/06
  • I.Kaimins, G.Ozolina a.o. Propolis adhesive. Patent of Latvia Nr.11965 (1996). SIK A61K 6/00

Produced preparations:

  • Rimezivs (propolisum) – paper dressing material
  • Propolis ointment medicated with shelagit – paper dressing material


  • “Stomadents-Extra” – a stomatological adhesive
  • “Hondra” – ointment medicated with propolis and mineral salts for massage
  • “Nimfa” – oil for massage
  • “Lorozols” – oil for sanitary and preventive treatment of nasal and nasopharynx mucosa as well as prevention of inflammatory processes
  • “Lorozivs” – propolis ointment medicated with ethereal oils forprevention of inflammatory processes of mucous membranes of the gums, the throat, and the nasal cavity
  • “Afrodite” – bath drops
  • “Laura” – hand skin care agent
  • “Sanita” – hand skin protection cream
  • “Propolisa balzams” –face skin care agent
  • “Romeo” – preparation for shaving and face-care


  • Odins – preparation against mosquitoes

Ration containing hitozan (for aversion therapy of stomach ulcer and other affections):

  • biscuits
  • pastes

Rimezivs has been widely used for aversion therapy of pinks and burning wounds in Chernobyl catastrophe (1986) and in the elimination process of Armenian earthquake consequences (December, 1988). Rimezivs has been enclosed in the list of available preparations prepared by the ministry of emergency conditions of Russia Federation

Biscuits containing hitozan have been used during the elimination process of Armenian earthquake consequences.

Rimezivs and other preparations are sold in Latvia, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus.

Conception that has not been carried out yet:

  • Biologic gloves

More about the inventor (in Latvian)