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State Emeritus scientist

Born:  30 October 1929, Madona district, Latvia 

 Died: September 6, 2016 IkšÄ·ele, Latvia


Interests in inventing:

  •        Physics of magnetic phenomena
  •         Environment-friendly energy sources
  •         Energy converters

Technical applications of the magnetic field:

  • Optimisation of magnetic systems
  • Non-contact devices and methods in the parameter diagnostics of liquid metal flow
  • Application of electromagnetic  forces in manipulation of metal objects of various shapes

Main invention:

  • Ferrite core for the magnetic antenna
  • Non-contact flow measurement instruments of liquid metals
  • Electromagnetic devices for active control, orientation, supply and assemblage of objects


Selection of patent documents:

Total: 70 authors’ certificates of USSR, 1 patent of the Republic of Latvia and 9 patents of other (7) countries.

About the inventions

Determined investigation and analyses of the cooperation phenomena of the magnetic field (constant, mutable, impulsive) with both uninterrupted environment and discrete objects of various shapes let the author discover a way to apply these results in the solution of practical tasks.

            In this manner the author suggests to give the magnetic antenna a hyperboloid shape (with hollow cones in the ends) that is far more effective than the antennas of cylindrical shape (first invention).

            The second group of inventions (10 author’s certificates) are measuring instruments of liquid metal flow and speed thereof. These are mainly based on cooperation effects of a mobile electroconductive liquid with both pulsing and running magnetic field.
The greatest part of inventions EMAGO (57 USSR author' s certificates) is related to the use of electromagnetic forces in the active orientation, control, fixation, assemblage of objects of various shapes for automatization of technological processes of mechanical and automation engineering. Here one can also attribute inventions for solving orientation, completion of element group as well as mutual separation of elements of different electroconductivity.

  • Flow measuring instruments (1980-1987) custom-made at the Institute of Physics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences for:

-         union “Energy”;  Yefremov Institute for Electrophysical Apparatus; company “Teplopribor”, and different other custom-made devices  (Russia)

-      Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


       ·        Experimental prototypes of the EMAGO device developed at the Institute of Physics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and introduced into production (1975-1990) in: 
Latvia: plants VEF, Radiotehnika, RER, production association ALFA, etc., altogether 10 devices;
Russian enterprises: Hungarian institute of mechanical engineering: licence (technical documentation for designing) with two devices for orientation of cylindrical (EMAGO-003) and flat (EMAGO-0024) objects sold in 1981;
British company J.Brown Automation:  4 devices (EMAGO-0097) produced by contract through Licesintorg (Moscow) which were in their turn built in the assembly line of car engines delivered by the British company to the Czech company Skoda.
altogether more than 150 units designed and produced by the Institute of Physics in cooperation with the Special Design Office (SDO MHD) and later (after 1984) with the Robotics centre (Riga);

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