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Born: April 8, 1932, Liepaja, Latvia

Died: October 27, 2003, Riga, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • New methods for obtaining organic compounds
  • Application of organic compounds in electronics and optoelectronics

Main invention:

In obtaining organic compounds

  • Synthesis methods in obtaining sulphur-organic compounds

In application in electronics and optics

  • Materials with high photoconductivity

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 66 authors’ certificates of USSR, 2 patents of other countries.

  • Method for obtaining the substituted 4,5-ethylenedithio-1,3-dithiol-2-thione. O.Neilands, J.Kacens, J.Kreicberga. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1428753
  • Photo-semiconductor device with inner photo effect. E.Silins, L.Taure, O.Neilands. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.465132.

About the inventions

The discovery of new synthesis methods of organic compounds is based either on the already existing well-known reactions that are used in an unusual way that has not been applied before or a completely new unexpected interaction of organic compounds is found that gives the desirable or a completely new reaction product.

The reaction of the sulphur-organic compound with two thione groups and saturated compounds are used in my inventions thus carrying out the diene synthesis (Diels-Alder reaction) in an unusual way.

The invention has been published and is being used by other specialists in organic synthesis for the obtaining of new sulphur-organic compounds. In their turn these sulphur-organic compounds are used for the synthesis of new materials possessing the characteristics of semiconductors and metals.

The implementation regarding the development of new synthesis methods is connected with the usage of these methods both in my own laboratory and other laboratories as well as in a plant’s laboratory or experimental workshop in the best case.


  • Organic Synthesis
  • Theoretical Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry of 1,3-Indandione and ß-Dicarbonyl Compounds
  • Modification of [60]Fullerene
  • Organic Metals and Semiconductors
  • Charge Transfer Complexes
  • Hydrogen Bond Complexes
  • Policoordinate Iodine Organic Compounds
  • Organic Materials for Electronics and Optics


German, English, Russian, Latvian


  • University of Latvia (Faculty of Chemistry) cum laude, 1956
  • Dr. chem. (Candidate of Science in former USSR), USSR Academy of Sciences , Moscow, 1961
  • Dr. habil. chem. (Doctor of Science in former USSR), Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1971


  • Senior Technician, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Latvia, 1956-1958

Riga Technical University, Faculty of Chemistry (Chemical Technology)(since 2000  - Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry), Latvia -

  • Postgraduate, Lecturer, Senior Researcher, 1958- 1964
  • Associate Professor, 1964-1973
  • Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry, 1964 - 1999
  • Professor, 1973-1999
  • Professor Emeritus, Leading Research Fellow, 2000 -


  • Corresponding Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1989
  • Full Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1992
  • The Latvian Academy of Sciences Gustavs Vanags Prize (in Chemistry), 1978
  • The Latvian State Prize, 1980
  • The Merited Scientist of Latvia, 1982
  • The Gustavs Vanags Medal (Riga Technical University), 1991
  • The Solomon Hiller Medal ( Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis), 1992
  • The Paul Valden Medal (Riga Technical University), 2000
  • The Latvian Academy of Sciences and Public Joint-stock Company " Grindex" Award, 2000

Work in poffessional community:

  • Member, (Vice-chairman, 1991-1999), Latvian Council of Science Expert Committee for Chemistry,  1991-2002
  • Chairman, Habilitation Council (Organic Chemistry), Riga Technical University, 1991-1997
  • Member, Promotion Council (Chemistry), Riga Technical University, 2000-
  • Member, the Latvian Academy of Sciences Gustavs Vanags Prize (in Chemistry) Committee, 1989 -
  • Chairman of Programme Committee, Conferences on Chemistry of beta-Dicarbonyl Compounds (1966, 1971, 1976, 1980, 1986, 1991)
  • Member, The American Chemical Society, 1996 -
  • Member, The Latvian Chemical Society, 1990 -
  • Member, Management Comission of Action COST D19 “Chemical Functionality Specific to the Nanometer
    Scale”, European Comission, 2000-


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More about the inventor (in Latvian)

More about the inventor (in English)