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Konstantins POCS

Konstantins POCS

One of the most outstanding scientists and inventors of Latvian origin. After more than 30 years of work in the Laboratory of Air Forces and World Space of USA (Boston, USA) he has become a prominent constructor of meteorological rockets and one of the creators of AWACS system. Up till now his patents are the property of the Laboratory of Air Forces and World Space of USA.

Born: February 27, 1912, Varaklani, Latvia
Died: May 3, 1994, Massachuset, USA

Main invention:

  • AWACS system  – airborne warning and control system
  • Instrumentations for tracing rockets in the upper layers of the atmosphere (for the measurement of air pollution level and wind speed)
  • Meteorological rockets (Moon Research Programme of USA) – evaluation of optimal conditions in the height zone of 30-250 km and choice before the launching of large cosmic rockets
  • Rockets driven by hydrogen gas
  • Microwave radio receivers
  • Application of Ruby lasers in holography

Selection of patent documents:

K.Pocs. Microwave antenna side lobe and beam reduction apparatus. Patent of USA Nr.3 518 687, Ser. 600, 672, H01g 3/12, 19/12, 1970, 30.06.

About the inventions

The flying preventive sentry is a radar adopted to flying. The aircraft is designed to be able to accomplish threefold task:

  • to control the targets of airplane attack to the Earth
  • to protect the air space
  • to co-ordinate observations during nature disasters

Computers, communication and control instruments of the highest quality are installed in the aircraft. A rotating rotodome is built on the top of the airplane tail in which a radar and identification antennas are installed supplying the crew with data that are evaluated by computers and other instruments on the plane.

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