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Gaida Maruta SEDMALE

Gaida Maruta SEDMALE

Professor, The Institute of Silicate Materials
Faculty of Material Sciences and Applied Chemistry
Riga Technical University

Azenes iela 14/24
Riga, LV 1048

Phone: +371 708 9257
Fax:       +371 790 1460
E-mail: ; 

Born: January 13, 1936, Rezekne, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

Development of glassy high temperature coatings, research of their structure and qualities

Main invention:

  • Enamel for the protection of niobium.
    Co-authors: V.Kobjakovs, V.Mezeckis, U.Sedmalis. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1314587

Selection of patent documents:

Authors’ certificates of USSR

  • Glassy coatings – 36 authors’ certificates of USSR
  • Compositions of glass structures – 5 authors’ certificates of USSR
  • Structures of electroinsulation and semiconductor materials – 4 authors’ certificates of USSR
  • V.Kobjakovs, G.Sedmale, U.Sedmalis, A.Ukrjukovs, J.Eiduks a.o. Enamel containing no lixivium.
    Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.345772,Co3c 7/14 (1973)
  • G.Sedmale, U.Andersons, R.Cimdins, U.Sedmalis. Heat reflective glass.
    Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 726044 (1980)
  • G.Sedmale, G.Mezinskis, U.Sedmalis, J.Bolsijs. Enamel coating.
    Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 833611 (1981)
  • G.Sedmale, R.Cimdins, U.Sedmalis a.o. Glass.
    Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 827431 (1981)
  • G.Sedmale, R.Cimdins a.o. Enamel coating.
    Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1217810 (1986)
  • G.Sedmale, V.Dobvna, V.Klimovs. Dielectric paste.
    Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1213890

Patents of Latvia:

  • G.Sedmale, A.Fomina, V.Mezeckis, A.Artmanis. Enamel coating.
    Patent of Latvia. LV 5008, C 03c 8/08, notified 26.06.1992
  • U.Andersons, G.Sedmale, R.Cimdins, U.Sedmalis, J.Balodis. Heat reflective glass.
    Patent of Latvia. LV 5003, C 03c 17/06, C 03c 17/02, notified 06.07.1992

Patents of other countries:

  • F.Basarija, P.Vasiljus, S.Dusauskas,V.Kobjakov, G.Sedmale, U.Sedmalis, J.Eiduks. Enamel containing no lixivium.
    Patent of France Nr.72 10067, C03c 7/00, 1972, published Nr.2130564,1978.
    Patent of Japan Nr.51-30574, C 09D1/00, C03c3/16, C09c5/25, 01.09.1976.
    Patent of West Germany Nr.2212790 C03c7/00, 16.03.1972.

About the inventions

  • High temperature synthesis of glassy frit from chemically clean raw materials containing Ba (Mg), Al, Si, P, Nb
  • Obtaining of enamel suspension from the synthesized frit which is subsequently laid on a refined niobium or the surface of its alloy and is melted on it at the t° of 1050°C, in vacuum ~ 10-4 Pa
  • The enamel ensures the protection of niobium and its alloys in the atmosphere at the t° of 900°C for 100 hours

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