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Uldis Janis SEDMALIS

Uldis Janis SEDMALIS

Emeritus professor 

Born: May 22, 1933, Valmiera district, Terneja civil parish, «Renci» , Latvia

Died: May 22, 2017, Riga, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Glassy phosphate materials
  • Building ceramics
  • High temperature protective coatings for metal and ceramics

Main invention:

  • Ceramic mass for the production of chemically resistant ware. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1171442 (1985)
  • Composition of raw materials for heat insulation. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1219578 (1986)
  • Glass for the combination of silica fibre with metal. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1493627 (1989)
  • Protective coating for ceramics. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1323549 (1987)
  • Ceramics with hydraulic qualities. Patent of Latvia Nr. 11682 (1996)

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 110 authors’ certificates of USSR and patents

Certificates of USSR

  • F.Basarija, P.Vasiljus, S.Dusauskas,V.Kobjakovs, G.Sedmale, U.Sedmalis, A.Ukrjukovs, J.Eiduks. Enamel containing no lixivium. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 345772, Co3c 7/14 (1973)
  • G.Sedmale, G.Mezinskis, U.Sedmalis, J.Bolsijs. Enamel coating. Authors’ certificate of USSSR Nr. 833611 (1981)
  • J.Bo─╝šijs, G.Mezinskis, K.Svarcs, J.Ekmanis, U.Sedmalis, A.Lapenas. Glass. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1119989 (1984)
  • G.Sedmale, J.Setina, L.Jaros, U.Sedmalis, E.Majorova. Glassy glue. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1201249 (1985)
  • M.Leruma, I.Molockovs, U.Sedmalis, I.Asmanis, A.Zunda, T.Buraks. Method for the development of powdered mass. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1527218 (1989)

Patents of Latvia:

  • L.Bidermanis, J.Liepins, S.Lagzdina, U.Sedmalis. Ceramics with hydraulic qualities. Pat.LV 11682, C 04 B 33/00, notified 21.06.1996
  • U.Andersons, G.Sedmale, R.Cimdins, U.Sedmalis, J.Balodis. Heat reflective glass. Pat.LV 5003, C 03c 17/06, C 03c 17/02, notified 06.07.1992
  • L.Bidermanis, J.Liepins, S.Lagzdina, U.Sedmalis. Light ceramics with hydraulic qualities. P-98-131 (08.06.98 - priority)

Patents of other countries:

F.Basarija, P.Vasiljus, S.Dusauskas,V.Kobjakov, G.Sedmale, U.Sedmalis J.Eiduks. Enamel containing no lixivium.

  • Patent of France Nr.72 10067, C03c 7/00, 1972, published Nr.2130564,1978.
  • Patent of Japan Nr. 51-30574, C 09D1/00, C03c3/16, C09c5/25, 01.09.1976.
  • Patent of West Germany Nr. 2212790 C03c7/00, 16.03.1972.

About the inventions

The essence of the invention:

  • On the basis of aluminium oxide ceramics for radionics with good thermal conductivity as well as heat insulation material with phosphate bond have been developed
  • On the basis of dolomite and clay low temperature ceramics (roast temperature 700 – 800°C) with small volume mass (1,2 – 2,0 g/cm3) and high mechanical compression strength (25 – 60 Mpa) have been obtained
  • High temperature and chemically resistant protective coatings for metal and ceramics have been developed


  • Chemistry and Technology of Phosphate and Silicate Glass and Glasscrystalline Materials
  • Ceramics and Binding Materials Produced using Mineral Raw Materials of Latvia
  • Formation Order of Crystalline Phases in Multicomponent Systems
  • Crystallography and Mineralogy
  • Mineral, Chemical and Technological Terminology of High Temperature Silicate Inorganic Materials



Latvian, Russian, German, English


  • University of Latvia (Faculty of Chemistry) cum laude, 1956
  • Dr. (Candidate of Science in former USSR), Riga Technical University, Latvia, 1965
  • Dr.habil.chem. (Doctor of Science in former USSR), Minsk Politechnical Institute, Belarus, 1972


Riga Technical University

  • Postgraduate, Faculty of Chemistry, 1962-1964
  • Junior Researcher, Senior Researcher and Lecturer, Faculty of Chemistry, 1962-1966
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, 1966-1975
  • Professor, 1975 – 2000
  • Head of the Chair of Silicate Technology, 1980 –1999
  • Director, Institute of Silicate Materials, 1994 – 2000


  • Corresponding Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1990
  • Full Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1992
  • The Latvian SSR State Prize, 1977
  • Merited Scientist of Latvian SSR, 1987
  • The Vavilov Medal (Society “Nauka”, USSR), 1983
  • The Prize of the Latvian SSR Council of Ministers, 1988
  • State Emeritus Scientist, 2000
  • The Latvian Academy of Sciences and JSC "Aldaris" Prize, 2004

Work in poffessional community:

  • Member, Latvian Council of Science Expert Committee (Scientific Principles of Technology: Materials, Chemistry and Pharmacy), 1992 –
  • Member, Habilitation Council (Chemical Technology, Inorganic Chemistry), Riga Technical University and Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, 1990 –
  • Editor-in-chief for Inorganic Glasses, Coatings and Materials, 1980 -
  • Member, International Society of Crystallographs
  • Member of the Board, Russian Ceramic Society, 1990 -
  • Member of Council, Association of Baltic Materials Research Societies, 1994 –
  • Member of the Board, Latvian Chemical Society, 1990 –
  • Member of the Board, Association of Latvian Building Materials Producers, 1997-


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  • U.Sedmalis, G.Sedmale. Formation order of crystalline phases in the melt of natural and artificial glasses. – Geochemistry (Chemie der Erde), 1996, vol. 56, pp. 443-448.

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