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Born: March 11, 1940, Saldus, Latvia

Died: August 21, 2002, Riga, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Synthesis of hard-to-melt compounds
  • Obtaining of materials with definite characteristics

Main invention:

  • Obtaining of highly dispersed hard-to-melt compounds and powders of their compositions
  • Structure of compositions for obtaining materials with definite characteristics
Following our developed technology highly dispersed non-metallic powders are produced in several enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, including the company "Plasma, ceramics, technology" Ltd. From the above mentioned powders mainly construction and functional earthenware is produced, as well as they are added in amount of 10-30% from the mass to relatively coarser (above 10 nm) powders to improve the quality of the products that are obtained from them.

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 33 authors’ certificates of USSR, 2 patents of Russia.

  • Methods for obtaining powders: authors’ certificates of USSR Nr 599475, SK 2 C01B 35/04, 1977; Nr 707079, SK 2 C01B 35/04, 1979; Nr 957504, SK2 C 01B, 1982; Nr 1081903, SK3 C01/B, 1983; Nr 1102185, SK3 C01B 33/06, 1984; patent of Russia Nr 2040570, SK5, C08 35/16, 1995.
  • Compositions with definite characteristics: authors’ certificates of USSR Nr 1168622, SK4 C22 C1/06, 1985; Nr 1351034, SK4 B22 , 1987; Nr 1407653, SK4 B 22 C 3/00, 1988; Nr 1476935, SK4 B22 C 35/00, 1989; USSR Nr 1511944, SK4 B 22 c 3/00, 1989; Nr 1601967, SK 5 C04 B 35/38, 1990; Nr 1717602, SK 5 C08 35/16, C08 L 27/18, C08 K 3/38, 1992; authors’ certificate of Russia Nr 1819271, SK5 C08 J 5/16, C08 L27/18, C08 K3/34, 1993.

About the inventions

The vaporisation of raw materials with the help of low-temperature plasma (up to 10000 K), following reaction (-s) in the phase of steam and gas and a controllable condensation of the reaction products.

This method insures the obtaining of non-metallic hard-to-melt compounds or the powders of their homogeneous compositions, having particles of the size varying from 20 to 300 nm.


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