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Head of the Polymer Laboratory

Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry

Dzerbenes iela 27
Riga, LV-1006, Latvia

Phone: +371 7552581
Fax: +371 7310135

Born: May 17, 1936, Saulkrasti, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Polyurethane foams
  • Biodestructive polyurethanes

Main invention:

Methods for the production of polyurethane foams:

  • U.Stirna, P.Tukums, V.Jakusins, a.o. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1041550, 1983.
  • U.Stirna, A.Alksnis, P.Tukums, a.o. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1159309, 1982.
  • U.Stirna, A.Alksnis, V.Karlivans. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 131236, 1978.

In construction:

  • Heat insulation materials

Space technologies:

  • Heat insulation materials

Selection of patent documents:

  • U.Stirna, I.Sevastjanova, V.Jakusins, M.Misane. Composition of biodestructive polyurethane foams. LV 11550, 1995, Int. Cl.6 C08 G18/12.
  • U.Stirna, I.Sevastjanova, M.Misane, A.Alksnis. Stable for storage polyole composites for the production of polyurethane foams and polyisocyanate foams. LV 11551, 1995, Int. Cl.6 C08 G18/12.

About the inventions

Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1041550, 1983.

Tall oil that is a by-product of cellulose production is used as one of the main components for the improvement of the polyurethane foam qualities. This method enabled to obtain cheap foam plastics that have good adhesion with all building construction materials and little water absorbency. Obtaining of such foam plastics requires fewer raw materials that are derived from oil.

Implementation: since 1983 the polyoles for the production of foam plastic Ripor® according to our technology are being produced by «Himprom» in Cheboxari (Russia). In all the regions of the former USSR as well as in Latvia polyoles were used for the production of Ripor. Ripor is mainly used as an effective heat insulation material in construction, shipbuilding, for tubings and cisterns. E.g., the huge cisterns for ammonia storage in Ventspils are insulated with Ripor.

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