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Jevgenija SHVARTS

Jevgenija SHVARTS

State emeritus scientist


Born: June 23, 1929, Riga, Latvia

Died: June 22 2012, Riga

Interests in inventing:

  • Extraction of boric acid from salt solutions, synthesis of novel extractants
  • Metal corrosion inhibitors
  • Biostimulators for crop increasing
  • Timber conservants and antipirenes

Main invention:

Synthesis and application of monoethyl ethers of several diols and triols (extractants of boric acid) for the extraction of boric acid from salt solutions, separation of boric compounds from disturbing ions in the analytical practise, deep purification of magnesium chloride and acid solutions from boric compounds.

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 53 authors' certificates of USSR, 10 patents of other countries, 5 patents of Latvia.

  • J.Shvarca, R.Ignasha, A.Zanina, I.Kotlarevskis, J.Sokolovs, S.Shergina, G.Habibulina. The monoalkyl ethers of triols as extractants of boric acid.
      Authors' certificates of USSR Nr. 644121, SKY C 07, C43/04, B01 D 11/04, C01 B 35/00, 1978
      Patent of Turkey Nr. 20727, 1982
      Patent of England UK Nr. 2095659, 1982
      Patent of France Fr. Nr. 8107879, 1984
      Patent of Germany DBR Nr. 3110126, 1983
  • J.Shvarca, A.Bernane, H.Timotheus, E.Mittus, P.Brusilovskis. Method for the production of 2 or 2,2-substituted 1,3-propanediols.
      Authors' certificate of USSR Nr. 1341174, 1987
      Patent of England UK Nr.2179939, 1988
      Patent of Germany DBR Nr.258916, 1988
      Patent of Czechoslovakia Nr. 3366430, 1988


      • The synthesis of extractants has been introduced in the production in the plant "Biolar", in the Sibirian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (in Novosibirsk) for the analysis of steel and nickel standard samples and in other places.
      • Other inventions such as metal corrosion inhibitors have been introduced in the production in 1987 in the former plant of Microbiological preparations that are now produced by the company IU Let-Comm.

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