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Head of the Laboratory of Lignin Chemistry

Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry

Dzerbenes iela 27
Riga, LV-1006, Latvia

Phone: +371 67555916
Fax:       +371 7550635

Born: August 17, 1937, Simferopol, Ukraine

Interests in inventing:

  • Modification of natural origin polymers (lignin, cellulose) with silicon containing monomers and oligomers for the production of ecologically clean products with surface, adhesive and biological activity.

Main invention:

In construction:

  • Regulators of cement properties:
      • polyfunctional additives – regulators of cement and concrete properties;
      • ecologically clean slate (or cement plates);
      • ecologically clean insulation materials.

In agriculture:

  • plant growth stimulators and organic fertilizers.

In paper industry:

  • adhesive substances for agglutination;
  • heat insulation plates.

In ore and oil drilling industry:

  • flotation agents;
  • gel-forming compositions for oil drilling.

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 31 authors’ certificate of USSR and 6 patents (2 patents of Latvia, 4 patents of Russia)

  • G.Telysheva, R.Pankova, V.Sergejeva a.o. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1228465, 1986.
  • G.Telysheva, V.Romanovs, O.Jerohina a.o. Authors’ certificate of USSR SU 1721157 A.1.1990.
  • G.Telysheva, G.Lebedeva. Patent of Russia Nr.2054432, 1994.

Patents of Latvia:

  • G.Telysheva, A.Arshanica, T.Dizbite a.o. Patent of Latvia Nr.10768 B, 1994. Int.Cl 5 C04B16/06.
  • G.Telysheva, G.Lebedeva, Patent of Latvia Nr.12020, 1997. Int.Cl 6, C07G1/00.

About the inventions

Lignin – one of the main wood components – as nature polymer comes right after cellulose in regard to the spread. At the moment lignin is produced as a by-product in industrial processes of wood pulp chemical processing and is used mainly as a fuel. The aim of the research is to create original products and materials on its basis by taking advantage of the phenolic nature and sufficiently high reactivity of lignin. Main inventions are connected with:

  • interphase additive - production of regulators of organic and inorganic dispersion properties
  • increase of material thermooxidative resistance
  • production of biologically active products on the basis of lignin and lignocelluloses


The following experimental consignments have been produced under industrial conditions:

  • polyfunctional additives to cement and concrete;
  • modelplate (matrix) for the production of fibreglass parts form wood-pulp modified with siliconorganic oligomers;
  • ecologically clean slate;
  • newsprint produced by using dispergator developed on the basis of lignin is used.

In the experimental device of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry:

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