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Phone: 734 663 9598
Krasta iela 20, Roja,LV - 3264,
Phone: +371 63269070;  Mob.:  +371 26537108

Born: May 7, 1936, Riga, Latvia       

Interests in inventing:

  • Holography
  • Holographic sights
  • Automatic recognition of objects

Main invention:

  • prevention of double image problem
  • recording of three-dimensional images
  • holographic interferometry
  • holographic sight

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 20 patents of USA, several of them have been patented also in other countries.
3,506,327 "Wavefront Reconstruction Using a Coherent Reference Beam", 1970
3,532,407 Spatial Frequency Reduction in Holography,1970
3,539,241 Method of Imaging Transparent Objects with Coherent Light,1970
3,545,835 Two-Beam Holography with Reduced Source Coherence Requirements, 1970
3,548,643 "Holographic Vibration Analysis Method and Apparatus", 1970
3,580,655 "Wavefront Reconstruction", 1971
3,637,313 Method of Imaging Transparent Objects with Coherent Light, 1972
3,677,617 Technique of Holographic Data Reduction Utilizing an Additional Diffuzing Structure During Reconstruction, 1972
3,748,048 Method of Detecting Changes in Specular Surface, 1973
3,838,903 "Wavefront Reconstruction", 1974
3,894,787 "Holograms", 1975
4,012,150 "Holographic Light Line Sight", 1977
4,057,317 Hologram Projector, 1977
4,223,975 Aberration Correction of Magnified Holographic Images, 1980
4,277,137 Coherent Optical Correlator, 1981
4,643,515 "Method and Apparatus for Recording and Displaying Edge- Illuminated Holograms", 1987
4,711,512 Compact Head-Up Display, 1987
5,151,800 "Compact Hologram Displays and Methods of Making Compact Hologram", 1992
5,483,362 Compact Holographic Sight, 1996
6,674,521  Optical Method and System for Rapidly Measuring Relative Angular Alignment of Flat Parts, 2004.

About the inventions

It is possible to record both transparent and non-transparent objects in holograms by feeding coherent light beam from the side. By lighting hologram with coherent light the recorded object can be seen in the space behind the hologram the way it was in reality: if it was three-dimensional it will be seen in three dimensions also in the hologram. The other image can be seen on the other side of the lighting beam and it never obstructs the main image as it was in the case with the recording method of Gabor hologram (see picture).


  • Recording of three-dimensional objects in hologram for the needs of education and museums. By putting the film all around the object it can be seen from all sides.
  • Holographic interferometry is used in the research for the measurement of vibrations and deformation in the field of mechanics. It is used for the testing of airplane tires etc.
  • A sight picture produced by a hologram in an optical sight can be seen 25 meters from the sight. It is applied to small arms (pistols, guns and rifles) and is produced and sold in a free market.

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