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Head, Laboratory of Peptides

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis

Aizkraukles iela 21
Riga, LV 1006

Phone: +371 941 3146
Fax: +371 782 1038

Born: May 7, 1938, Riga, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Methods of peptide synthesis, synthesis by both solution and solid phase (gel) methods. Synthesis of amino acid derivatives. Fluorescent labelling of proteins.
  • Chromatography and electrophoresis of natural materials, analysis of amino acids.
  • Relevance of structure and functions in biologically active peptides; spatial and functional organization of proteins and peptides. Modelling of peptide structures.
  • Applications of peptide structure compounds in medicine and national economy.

Main invention:

  • Gel-forming polypeptide derivatives. R. Vegners, P.A. Janmey. Patent of Latvia, LV 10460B, 1996. P.A. Janmey and R. Vegners. Patent of USA Nr.5955434, 1999
  • Polyphosphoinositide binding peptides for intracellular drug delivery. P.A. Janmey, C.C. Cunningham, J.H. Hartwig, T.P. Stossel, R. Vegners. Patent of USA Nr. 5783662 (1998).

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 1 patent of Latvia, 2 patents of USA, 11 authors' certificates of USSR

About the inventions

Essence of the invention:

  • Simple (from the chemist's point of view) low molecular peptide derivatives forming aqueous gels in smaller concentrations than gelatine and starch are described in the patent of Latvia and the patent of USA Nr. 5955434.
  • Peptide aqueous gels are used as pseudo-high molecular carriers in immunology for the production of antibodies against so-called small molecules that do not contain chemical functional groups and for the resolution of dyes in chromatography. Unlike real high molecular carriers gels can be melted down in organic resolvent after chromatography accordingly avoiding the non-specific absorbing.

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