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Full member, Latvian Academy of Sciences


Born: June 14, 1936, Zvarde, Latvia
Died: December 19, 2010, in Riga 

Interests in inventing:

  • Mass transfer in gas-liquid-solid systems
  • Process control, mixing in bioreactors, bioreactor design, designing and start-up of their basic equipment
  • Classical biotechnology
  • Processes of anaerobic waste digestion, biogas production
  • Food biotechnology

Main invention:

  • Constructions of bioreactors, system of backwash agitation in bioreactors for shear sensitive cultures
  • Device for the indication of agitation
  • Device for the control of bioprocesses BIO-2
  • Technology of lysine

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 125 inventions (not all of them are being maintained at the moment)

Device for the cultivation of microorganisms.

Co-authors: M.Kristapsons, E.Kleinbergs, L.Licis a.o.

Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.352562

  • Patent of Germany Nr.96504
  • Patent of Czechoslovakia Nr.155449

Brevibacterium 22 LD strain.

Co-authors: M.Bekers, M.Ruklisa, A.Sedvalds a.o.

  • Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.502019
  • Patent of Germany Nr.2247274
  • Patent of Bulgaria Nr.22921
  • Patent of Czechoslovakia Nr.167192
  • Patent of Austria Nr.340858
  • Patent of France Nr.7431272
  • Patent of Belgium Nr.820901
  • Patent of England Nr.1456923
  • Patent of Ireland Nr.39920
  • Patent of Mexico Nr.161

Biotechnology of Lysine

Manager: M.Bekers. Co-authors: U.Viesturs, G.Mezina a.o.

  • Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.258845
  • Patent of Germany Nr.93704
  • Patent of Bulgaria Nr.18710
  • Patent of Rumania Nr.166722
  • Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.344734
  • Patent of Germany Nr.2139274
  • Patent of Austria Nr.314959
  • Patent of Czechoslovakia Nr.158971
  • Patent of Bulgaria Nr.18495
  • Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.494040
  • Patent of Bulgaria Nr.22582
  • Patent of Germany Nr.2401519
  • Patent of Czechoslovakia Nr.170437
  • Patent of Austria Nr.341319
  • Patent of England Nr.1439121
  • Patent of Ireland Nr.38977
  • Patent of Italy Nr.1018334

Patents of Latvia:

  • J.Steganceva, L.Vitina, U.Viesturs. Method for submerge cultivation of Basidial fungi.
    Pat. LV 11628,C12N1/14, notified 22.02. 95
  • J.Vanags, U.Viesturs, E.Treiguts. Device for the determination of kinetic energy of stream fluctuations in polyphase medium SIMD.
    Pat. LV 10488 A, C12M1/36, notified 27.09.93
  • A.Apsite, S.Strikauska, J.Svinka, J.Vanags, U.Viesturs a.o. Method for obtaining trichodermine.
    Pat. LV 5360, A 01 N 63/04, notified 29.06.93
  • M.Bekers, M.Marauska, J.Laukevics, M.Grube, D.Karklina, U.Viesturs, A.Vigants. Process for producing polyfunctional food-products from cereals. Pat. LV 12304, A23L1/105, notified 17.03.99.
  • M.Bekers, U.Viesturs,  A.Danilevics, D.Upite,  E.Kaminska, M.Marauska,  M.Grube, R.Linde Method of production and use of fructans and fructose containing products from inulin caontaining raw materials. Pat.LV13539, A23L1/105, 20/07.2007

About the inventions

The essence of the inventions:

  • The laboratory bioreactor FAS - 5.3 is being used in biotechnology, environment protection. Its advantages are - low price, electromagnetic drive, special agitation system for shear sensitive cultures, flexible process control
  • Measurement device for the agitation intensity SIMD-f3 and SIMD-s1 is being used in agitation phenomena research in bio and chemical reactors, for the optimisation of their constructions. Its advantages are that the measurements can be done in polyphase medium in coloured solutions, i.e. in a real technological process, and it is cheaper than LDA.
  • The control device of bioprocesses BIO-2 can be used in classical biotechnology and environment protection. Its advantages are low piece and flexible programme.


  • Demonstration scale fermentators have been sold.
  • SIMD-f1, f2 have been sold to the Technical University of Munich, University of Birmingham a.o.
  • Licence contracts with Hungary, former Yugoslavia, Finland.
  • Contracts with food industry enterprises in Latvia


  • Research in the regularities of microorganism growth and metabolite biosynthesis
  • Chemical engineering and bioengineering
  • Conversion of the photosynthesized biomass for renewable energy (bioethanol, pyrolysis products, etc.), bio-bleaching of cellulose
  • Bioreactor design, process control, mixing in bioreactors, mass transfer in gas-liquid-solid systems, designing and start-up of basic equipment for classical biotechnology
  • Anaerobic waste digestion with biogas production, environmental biotechnology
  • Food biotechnology
  • Innovations: general problems, state of the art in Latvia, facilitation of TT


Latvian, Russian, and English


  • Latvia University of Agriculture (Faculty of Food Technology), 1960
  • (Candidate of Science in former USSR, Ph.D. in Western countries ), Institute of Food Technology, Kiev, Ukraine,1968
  • (Doctor of Science in former USSR), Institute of Food Technology, Kiev, Ukraine, 1975


  • Engineer and Head of Laboratory of Milgravis Ethanol and fodder yeast factory,  Ministry of Food Industry of Latvia, 1960-1964
  • Head of Design Office, Institute of Microbiology, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1964- 1969
  • Head, Laboratory of Bioengineerig, Institute of Microbiology, 1969-1986
  • Director, Institute of Wood Chemistry,Latvian Academy of Sciences (Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry), 1986-1993
  • Head , Laboratory of Bioengineering, Institute of Wood Chemistry, 1984- 2010
  • Chairman of Scientific Council, Institute of Wood Chemistry, 1986-1997; Vice-chairman, 1997- 2001
  • Vice-president, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1989-1992
  • Director, Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology , University of Latvia (LU MBI), 1997-
  • Professor, Faculty of Food Technology, Latvia University of Agriculture, 1994- 2010
  • Professor, Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia, 1996-2005, Assistant Professor, 2005 - 2010
  • Vice-president, Member of the Presidium, Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of Latvia, 2002 - 2010


  • Corresponding Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1982
  • Full Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1987
  • Full Member, Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of Latvia, 1994
  • Member, Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea, 1992
  • Full Member, Ukrainian Technological Academy, 1999
  • Member, European Academy of Sciences, (Section of Biological Sciences with the citation  " for an outstanding and lasting contribution to biological sciences, biotechnology and education"), 2002
  • Honorary Member of the International Biographical Centre Resarch Council, Cambridge, England, 2003
  • Professor (Biotechnology), USSR Supreme Certification Committee, 1984
  • The Latvian SSR State Prize, 1965,1980
  • Merited Inventor of Latvian SSR, 1975
  • The Prize of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and joint-stock company "Aldaris" , 1999
  • Honorary Diploma for significant research and pedagogical work, University of Latvia, 2004
  • Acknowledgement of the Latvian Employers Confederation for the co-operation with enterpreneurs  "For Innovations in Entrepreneurship", 2005

Work in poffessional community:

  • Editor-in-Chief for the journal Wood Chemistry, 1987-1995
  • Member of Editorial Board for Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1985- 2001
  • Member, International Advisory Boards and International Scientific Committies of several International Conferences (Prague 1993,1996,1998, 2000, 2002; Sofia 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2005; Cambridge 1994, Paris 1997; Shimkent- Kazakhstan, 2001, Bamberg /Germany/, 2003,  Badajoz/Spain/, 2004.
  • Member of the International Scientific Advisory Commitee, International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology "BioMicroWorld2005"
  • Member (Chairman, 1993 -2002), Latvian Council of Science Expert Committee ( Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Virology, Biotechnology), 1993- 
  • Treasurer, Member of Senate, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1993-2001
  • Deputy Chairman of the Board , Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1993- 2010
  • Vice-Chair, Division of Chemical, Biological, and Medical Sciences, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1998 - 2010
  • Member of the Presidium (1996 -  ) and Head of the Food Department (1976-2001),  Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of Latvia
  • Advisor, FEMIRC-LATVIA, 1997-1999, IRC-LATVIA, 1999-
  • Member of  Promotion Council, Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia (LU), 1997 -
  • Chairman of Promotion Council, Faculty of Food Technology, Latvia University of Agriculture, 1998 - 
  • Chairman of the State Examination Commission, Faculty of Food Technology, Latvia University of Agriculture, 2001 - 
  • Senator, Member of the Strategy Commission of the Senate, LU, 1997 - 2003
  • Member of the Council, Faculty of Biology, LU, 1998 - 2005
  • Member of the Council, Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, LU, 1997 -
  • Member of the Scientific Council,  Institute of Wood Chemistry, 1986 -
  • Member of the Latvian Quality Council at the Marketing Association, 1999 - 2002
  • Member of the  European Federation of Biotechnology, WP Bioreactor Performance, 1984-
  • Member of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, WP Mixing, 1988-
  • Member of the Research Board of Advisers, American Biographical Institute
  • FP5 Expert N EE 19981A13914
  • Member, Working Group for Development of the National Innovation Programme Project (resolution N 240, 02.07.2001 Presidium of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia)


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                                                                          * * *

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More about the inventor (in Latvian)

More about the inventor (in English)