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Regina ZHUK

Regina ZHUK

Foreign member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (2000)

Department Director,
Rimonyx Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Kiryat  Weizmann Science Park 
Ness-Ziona 70400 P.O.Box 4056, Israel
Phone: 972-8-938-9505, Fax: 972-8-940-0917


Born: December 6, 1936, Moscow, Russia

Interests in inventing:

  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of nucleoside analogues
  • Design of antitumour, antiviral and immunomodulating drugs
  • Quantitative correlations between physico-chemical properties and biological activity in nucleoside analogues
  • Investigation of drug metabolism and mechanism of action in collaboration with biochemists and chemotherapeutists, experimental development of drug formulations

Main invention:

  • Ftorafur. Co-authors: M.Lidaka, S.Hillers.

Authors’ certificate of USSR B2218 (1967),
Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.272307 (1970)

  • Furavir. Co-authors: M.Lidaka, M.Madre a.o.

Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1638999 (1991)

  • Acyclovir. Co-authors: M.Lidaka, M.Madre.

Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr. 1536769 (1989)

Selection of patent documents:


Co-authors: S.Hillers, M.Lidaka, A.Zidermane

Patent of France 7448M
Patent of France1574684
Patent of Switzerland 493557
Patent of Belgium 08903
Patent of England 1168391
Patent of USA 3635946
Patent of Japan 812743
Patent of Japan 883610
Patent of Germany 1695297


Co-authors: M.Lidaka, M.Madre, V.Votjakovs a.o.

Patent of USA 4916225

Patents of Latvia:

  • R.Zhuk, M.Lidaka, M.Madre a.o. 9-substituted guanines with antiviral activity. LV 5705(1995), Int.Cl5 CO7D473/1
  • R.Zhuk, M.Lidaka, B.Moldavers, A.Rusaks a.o. Medication for treatment of eye infections induced by the dartre virus. LV 10838 B (1996), Int.Cl.6A61K31/41

About the inventions

Ftorafur is an anticancer preparation that is characterized by the stability with respect to the action of nucleoside phosphotylases ensuring its durable abidance in organism and thus making it more effective than the well-known preparation 5-fluorouracil. Ftorafur resolves well from the gastrointestinal tract thus making it possible to use it as capsules for out-patients and not only as injections for hospital patients. It is also less toxic than 5-fluorouracil and that is why it is being widely used for medical treatment of such common forms of cancer like gastrointestinal tract and breast cancer.

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