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Inga LYASHENKO, Senior researcher
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomechanics
Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry
Riga Technical University
Azenes iela 14/24
Riga, LV 1048
Phone: +371 7089211; + 371 29436384
Fax:     +371 7089302
Born: February 4, 1965 in Ludza, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Textiles for medical purposes: compressive knitted products (for prophylactic use and treatment)
  • Medical application of textile threads with multicomponent shell

Main invention:

A fundamentally new technology for production of compressive knitted articles with distributed local pressure has been developed where the calculation of basic wattle is based on the key calculation methods used in production of compressive knitted products. Based on the method of superposition, a calculation method and formula for calculation of the length of the elastomer thread loop has been elaborated for the first time, taking into consideration the extent of stretch and the impact of stretching forces. This allows for calculation of the length of elastomer thread loop of any kind and any arrangement of the elements of the loop structure.
Textiles for medical purposes: compressive knitted articles.
Compressive knitted articles for medical purposes are widely used for treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and lymphostasis, as well as for fixation of the support-movement apparatus.
Compression products are mainly made of knitted fabric. The efficiency of their medical impact depends on a complex of different factors: the type of raw material, wattle, the stretch extent of elastomer threads, knitting density in different parts of the article, technological facilities of knitting machines. One of the key medical requirements concerning application of these articles is strict dosage of pressure on human body and maintenance of permanent pressure over certain periods of time. The existing compressive knitwear articles do not always correspond to this requirement. Until now, the producers of compressive knitted articles have not found solutions for different stages of chronic venous insufficiency and lymphostasis and their specific features demanding provision of compression on particular knots of veins or localised parts of veins. Our inventions provide a solution for such cases and enable reduction of the impact of these diseases on human health.
Production and marketing of these products is carried out in Finland by FINNESD OY/LTD since 2005.

Selection of patent documents:

A total of 5 patents of Latvia and 1 international patent.
  • I.Lyashenko, B.Oks, M.Smith. Knitted seamless compressive article for treatmet of varicose veins. LV Patent 12856 B, Int.Cl. A 61F13/08, 2002.
  • I.Lyashenko, P.Nousiainen. Therapeutic compression article. LV Patent 13043 B, Int.Cl. A 61F13/08, 2003.
  • I.Lyashenko, P. Nousiainen. Therapeutic compression article. LV Patent 13278 B, Int.Cl. A 61F13/08, 2003.
  • I.Lyashenko. Textile articles for elimination of fungal and bacterial infections. LV Patent 13314 B, Int.Cl. A 61F13/08, 2005.
  • I.Lyashenko, J.Viba, S. Kovalyov, L.Ivanova, I.Sedlins, V.Gonca. Compression article for therapeutic use and method for its production. LV Patent 13315 B, Int.Cl. A 61F13/08, 2005.
  •  Inga Lyashenko, Pertti Nousiainen, Ilpo Pyykko. Textile article for Therapeutic Use // WO2006/088342, PCT/LV2005/000004, priority date 18.02.2005, Pub. Date 24.08.2006, - EPO, - p. 34. 

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