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Janis Uldis DZELME

Janis Uldis DZELME
State Emeritus Scientist
Jelgavas iela 16 – 64
Olaine, LV  2114, Latvia
Phone: (371) 7964500
Born: June 25, 1939 in Birzgale parish, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • New, more cost-efficient methods for obtaining nucleic acid components
  • New kinds of application of natural physiologically active substances

Key inventions:

  • Phenibut – tranquillizer reducing anxiety, stress and fear, and improving sleep. Interesting enough, this preparation was used before sleep by USSR and USA astronauts during the first linkup of spaceships “Soyuz” and “Apollo”.
  • Orotic acid – a new technology of synthesis. Introduced in 1976 at the Russian chemical and pharmaceutical plant “Akrihin”. The economic gain exceeded 900 thousand roubles. 
  •  ENKADS – the only low-molecular-weight ribonucleotide preparation able to stop deterioration of eyesight and avert eye blindness in cases of inherited retinal dystrophy. The journal “Science” have recognised the discovery that low-molecular-weight ribonucleic acids control most part of the gene activity as the most important scientific achievement of 2002. 
  •  Adenine – it has been discovered that in single-phase synthesis from formamide and phosphorus oxychloride concentration of carbon monoxide plays the determinant role. Similar synthesis of adenine could have taken place in the pre-biological era when the atmosphere of the Earth contained around 17 per cent of carbon monoxide.

Six author’s certificates have been introduced at the Organic synthesis department and nine at the Biochemistry department of Olaine Plant of Chemical Reagents. Production of potassium orotate has been introduced at the chemical and pharmaceutical plant “Akrihin” (Russia).

Selected patent documents:
A total of 82 author’s certificates and 3 patents in 15 countries.
  • Method for obtaining hydrogen chloride of β-phenyl- γ –aminobutyric acid. Author’s certificate of USSR No. 236479. Co-authors: V.V.Perekalyin, A.S.Sopova, M.M.Zobacheva, R.J.Spunde, M.P.Kruzite.
  •  Hydrogen chloride of phenyl- γ –aminobutyric acid. Co-authors: V.V.Perekalyin, A.S.Sopova, M.M.Zobacheva, R.J.Spunde, M.P.Kruzite.
Patent of the UK No. 1385846 
                Patent of USA No. 3947493
                Patent of France No. 2229402
                Patent of FRG No. 23171804
                Patent of Yugoslavia No. 9472-P-1028/73
  • Method for obtaining orotic acid or its salines.Author’s certificate of USSR No. 526157. Co-authors: A.A.Auce, S.N.Glushakov, S.J.Zavyalov, L.M.Semikolyennik, V.A.Snyegodskaya, I.K.Jurgevica.
  • Method for obtaining ribonucleotides. Author’s certificate of USSR No. 4432648. Co-authors: B.B.Fukss, M.J.Shabanova, S.N.Fyodorov, J.J.Krasnopolsky, J.D.Jermolayev, M.A.Gailuma.
  •  Method for obtaining adenine. Author’s certificate of USSR No. 523097. Co-authors: A.A.Auce, I.B.Apene.

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