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“Scientific contribution of Vilnis Eglajs has not been assessed to its true worth so far. His ideas were always progressive and somehow ahead of the time. He was extraordinary personality not understood by many of his peers.”
                                  (Full member  of the Latvian Academy of Sciences Rolands Rikards).
Brother of the inventor Aldis Eglajs.
Born: 19 May 1938, Riga
Died: 3 October 1993 (perished in a car accident)

Interests in inventing:

  • research, design and construction of multihull sailboats
  • methods of experiment planning, system optimisation

Main invention:

  • research, design and construction of multihull sailboats
Implementation of the invention
Theories and inventions developed by Aldis Eglajs enabled Latvia to beat the sailboat world speed record in 1982 and be the first in the soviet times to take part in the largest sailboat exhibitions and undertake sailboat export. The sail releasing arrangement of a sailing vessel has prevented all sea catamarans built in Latvia from capsizing. A modified arrangement has now been developed also for trimarans. (For more ;,,

Selection of patent documents:

 In total: 4 authors’ certificates of the USSR, 9 patents of foreign countries
  • A.Eglajs, V.Eglajs. Sail Releasing Arrangement of a Sailing Vessel, authors’ certificate of the USSR No.623781, 1978.    
  • A.Eglajs, V.Eglajs.  Steering Arrangement of a Sailing Vessel, authors’ certificate of the USSR No.1137016, 1981.
Patented in: Great Britain (GB2152460); France (FR2553373); Sweden (SE8501023, SE444926); Italy (IT1169603); Finland (FI850974); Denmark (DK131085); Canada (CA1214360); WO8500574
  • A.Eglajs, V.Eglajs. Proa Type Multihull, authors’ certificate of the USSRNo.1004197, 1981.
  • A.Eglajs, V.Eglajs. Steering Arrangement of a Hydrofoil, authors’ certificate of the USSR No.1043960, 1982.  

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