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The pioneer of wood chemistry in Latvia, one of the founders of the Latvian Academy of Sciences
Born: August 18, 1894 in Bebri parish, Latvia
Died:  February 17, 1981 in Riga, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Plastification of wood, plates, plastics
  • Wood extractives and resin removal
  • Medical preparations
  • Wood conservation
  • Utilisation of wood and wooden waste
  • Main invention:

     In total - 119 author’s certificates of USSR. 

    The first invention of A.Kalnins "Resin processing device" (provisional certificate No. 2775P of April 22, 1921).
    Patent applications (in late 1930s):
    ·         Method for obtaining paper and cardboard from hydrolised wood
    ·         Method for storage of food products using inert gases
    ·         Method for acquisition of high quality pressed wood, etc.
    Author’s certificates of USSR:
    • Wood plastification, plates, plastics: technologies and machinery for production of chipboard and construction blocks out of wood, agricultural waste, turf and similar materials, methods of wood plastification: No. 100199, 1955; No. 111283, 1958; No. 140566, 1961; No. 24929, 1961; No. В924, 1965; No. 319494, 1971; No. 3000044, 1971.
    • Wood extractives and resin removal: methods for resin removal from pine-trees and other coniferous trees(including use of chemical stimulators) for production of colophony and turpentine; methods for obtaining different resin acid esters and paper glues and their respective devices: No.  146422, 1962; No. 181644, 1966; No. 163022, 1964; No. 185622, 1966.
    • Medical preparations: development and introduction of anti-tuberculosis preparation PASS; elaboration of the antibacterial preparation furaciline; medications with prolonged effect; methods for obtaining cellulose esters celnovocaine and celucarpine :No. 591187, 1977; No. 372230, 1972; No. 497833, 1975.
    • Wood conservation: development ofantiseptics and other conservants:  No. 258279, 1969; No. 305994, 1971; No. 477836, 1975.
    • Utilisation of wood and wooden waste: technology for pyrolysis of tree-felling and sawmill waste in order to obtain acetic acid, methyl alcohol, phurphurol, tar, charcoal and other materials; technology and devices for production of conifer and green vitamin meal (vitamin additive to the feed of domestic animals and birds):No. 604857, 1958; No. 136600, 1960; No. 145328, 1962; No. 367629, 1972.    

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