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Vladislav PUGACHOV

Vladislav PUGACHOV
Institute of Physical Energetics
Latvian Academy of Sciences
Aizkraukles iela 21
Riga, LV 1006
Phone:   + 371 7558684, mobile + 371 9151274
Fax:  + 371 7550839
Born: January 20,1940 in Moscow, Russia      



Interests in inventing:

  • Contactless synchronous machines
  • Electrical machines with permanent magnets
  • Autonomous energy systems
  • Electric drive

Main invention:

  • Inductor machines with permanent magnets
 The idea of reduction of related  mass and dimensions by application of permanent magnets has been frequently used in Russia, at the Moscow Electromechanical Plant. This idea has served as the basis for elaboration of a new series of generators with radial air gap (Novosibirsk Polytechnical Institute, Russia) and new generator designs for cars and tractors (Tomsk Polytechnical Institute, Russia)
  • Inductor generators with notch coils.
They were used as indicators of high frequency speed of turbine generators in several nuclear power plants. Optimum generator constructions for windmills have been developed which are currently used by all key companies involved in design and production of wind power equipment in Latvia.
  • Contactless asynchronous double-fed generators
One of the latest solutions with no equivalent analogues in construction of electrical machinery. Three new construction features can be distinguished in this generator:
    • Stationary primary and secondary winding coils are located on the notches of the stator of the machine;
    • Multipolarity (increased number of pole pairs) is achieved without increasing the number of magnetising coils
    • The number of notches of winding-free notched rotor determines the number of the pole pairs of the generator.

Preliminary analysis of the proposed design indicates that, in principle, it is possible to produce asynchronous machines with 100 and more pole pairs. The main advantages of such generators are demonstrated at sufficiently large numbers of pole pairs. Thus, a low-revolution multipolar asynchronous double-fed generator may potentially be created. 

Selection of patent documents:

In total: 18 author’s certificate s of USSR, 12 foreign patents  (USA, Great Britain, Germany, France), 15 patents of Latvia. 
Author’s certificates of USSR:
NN  213956;  184963;    409535;     405676;    481966;   458929;   575733;   496611;   788288;
        871282; 1023436; 1721734; 1723642; 1758784;  1753549;
Patents of Latvia:
  1. V. Pugachov, S.Petrov, J.Greivulis, L.Ribicky. –Single-pole-type electric inductor machine.   LV 5001,  1993.
  2. R.Vinogradov, N.Levin, V.Pugachov,  J.Roliks. – Wind-driven electrical equipment. LV 10332 , 1994.
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  7. V.Pugachov, S.Petrov, J.Greivulis.  Synchronous generator with uniform field structure. LV 11240 ,1996.
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  9. V.Pugachov, A.Bezsmertniy, A.Mesnyaev.  Inductor generator with compound excitation. LV  11715 , 1997.
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  15. N.Levin, V.Pugachov, L.Ribickis. Wind-driven electrical installation, LV13506, 2007
Foreign patents:
France:   N 74 15629, 1980; N 74 02416, 1976;  N 74 30510,  1976.
Germany: N 2422169,  1979; N 2364985, 1978;  N 2343029, 1976.
USA:     N 3.944.863,  1976;  N 3.851.199, 1974; N 3.940.668, 1976.
Great Britain: N 1451549,  1977;  N 1425387,1976; N 1450147, 1977 

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