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Vice-Rector for Research and Development
Transport and Telecommunication Institute;
Director of Telematics and Logistics Institute
Lomonosova IELA 1, Riga, LV 1019
Phone: + 371 7100 594; +371 29215392
Fax:       + 371 7100 535
E- mail:
Born: August 6,1954, Riga, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Radioelectronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Aeronavigation and radiolocation equipment
  • Transport
  • Electrotechnics

Main invention:

The main inventions are connected with the automation of management and safety systems in
civil aeronavigation. Part of these inventions are implemented in serial production of the automatic
management systems that are presently used in the airports.

Selection of patent documents:

Totally:  67, including 66 author' s certificates of the USSR and 1 foreign patent.

About the inventions

As a matter of fact, the inventor is an innovator with extraordinary thinking, strength in failures always accompanying the process of creation, persistently reaching the goal and possessing a specific talent of a lawyer for protection of his inventions. The inventor – it is not only a name but a life style appearing irrespective of the place and the person. It is a fantastic delight – to be the first!  

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