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Professos Dr.
Vice-Rector for Research,
Riga Technical University

Director, Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Drives
Riga Technical University
Kalku iela 1
Riga, LV 1050, Latvia
Phone: + 371 67089415
Fax:     + 371 67820094
Born: August 24,1947 in Lielstraupe parish, Cesis district, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • A/C regulated drive systems
  • Electric mechanical converters, A/C special electric machines and their constructions
  • Converters of semi-conductor electric energy and methods of control
  • Power electronic equipment and control systems
  • Electronic equipment
  • Piezoelectric converters
  • Refining systems for drinking water and sewage
  • Artificial blood-vessels

Main invention:

  • Elements of control systems for Power electronic converters: here are analogue and discreet schemes developed to improve the quality of control systems of semi-conductor converters. High efficiency and fast working schemes have been created. Saw-like impulse generator schemes of high linearity and precise sinchronisation, impulse generator schemes with high security of impulse formation.
  • Special electrical machines and electro-mechanical converters: A chain of transmitters for measuring the speed, acceleration and load of the drives of electrical machines has been worked out. The construction is based on non-contact sinchronous inductor-type micromachine. Quality of the measurements is improved dividing and measuring higher pair harmonic. The idea to combine the working machine with the speed accelerator in one container without usage of the driveshaft was carried out. Several new slow-speed inductor machines with reduced weight as well as special generators for wind energy equipment have been created. 

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 44 author’s certificates of the USSR, 3 foreign (USA), and 4 Latvian patents.

About the inventions

To my mind, inventions are the results of hard and persistent research work solving problems how    to improve quality of the equipment and technological processes. If the newest scientific and technological information flow is successfully combined with modern research and measurement devices and optimum finansial support, the creative work is a natural process.
The role of inventions cannot be over-estimated as every new solution is added to the knowledge irrespective of the possibilities of immediate usage. Many inventions are waiting for several tens of years to be implemented.

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