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Director, Institute of Astronomy
University of Latvia
Raina bulv. 19
Riga, LV 1586
Phone: +371 67034589
Fax:     +371 67034582
Born: April 27, 1937 in Riga

Interests in inventing:

  • Precision optical mechanical devices

Main invention:

  • Construction of the devises for photographic observation and laser ranging of the satellites
In the period from 1960 Maris Abele has designed more than 10 astronomic telescopes, photographic cameras for the Earth artificial satellites and laser range finders of serial production to be used for determination of coordinates and geodynamic parameters of the Earth artificial satellites in many states of the world.
The laser observation telescopes SLR (Satellite Laser Ranging) designed by Maris Abele have been used in Germany (Potsdam), Finland, Ukraine (Kiev, Crimea) and Latvia. Portable version of the system (PSLR) is being used in Australia (Perth). The device for observation of satellites AFU-75 designed by M. Abele is used in many countries of the world within the program “Intercosmos”.

Selection of patent documents:

Amount of patent documents: 24 certificates of the USSR, 1 patent of Latvia and 7 patents of foreign countries.

About the inventions

“In present situation – hobby of the rich ..."

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