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Mobile phone: +371 29219459
Born1967.09.26. in Riga, Latvia
Latvian, secondary education, 4 children

Interests in inventing:

Main invention:
EXMOEX Oral Cavity Hygiene Set “7 in 1”.
ExMoEx is a mobile type oral cavity hygiene set "seven in one", what joins together innovative toothbrush what supplies toothpaste directly on a had of toothbrush, hygienic case, oral cavity washing glass, dental floss, toothpicks, toothpaste container, container for different tolls of hygiene. Complete connects easy to almost any toothpaste tube or attachable included refillable toothpaste container.

Selection of patent documents:
  • Lazdins N. Toothbrush for comprehensive dental care. WO2004105548, 2004
  • Lazdiņš N. Toothbrush for comprehensive dental care. LV13298, 2005

About the inventions

Actually formula of invention process as well as phenomena of other mental works is simple and free for all – try to drop any
bad addiction and your wishes will fail to stop wonder about your potentialities.
A man biologically differ little from residents of animal world. A difference is we have mental abilities and one of these kind abilities is improvising and its education.
Man abilities are comparable to receiver of radio waves – the cleaner waves receiving, the better understanding of received information. The same is with our brains– the cleaner, no polluted they will, the more understandable will be translated to our consciousness requested information from information field around us. We are requesting information by our will and love to theme that infect us and interested us. Therefore creating original mental feel cocktail that can create a new product simply as on magic wand wave.


  • 1987.-1998. free entrepreneur
  • 1998.-2006. company ALA-FREGATE, founder and member of the board.
  • 200~            company N.Lazdiņš & Partners, founder and member of the board; designer; inventor of manufactured products; commercial director.


  • Diploma for the best national invention of 2004./2005., competition of Latvian Patent Office and Latvian Academy of Sciences, 2006.
  • Bronze medal, International Trade Fair „Ideas-Inventions-New products” iENA 01.11.2008 Nuremberg, Germany,


Invention, fitness, education.

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