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Riga Technical University

Kalku iela 1
Riga, LV 1658

Phone.: + 371 708 9469
Fax:       + 371 782 0094

Born: August 16, 1932, Kiev region, Ukraine

Interests in inventing:

  • Technical diagnostics and non-destroying control of machines and mechanisms
  • Vibrotechnics
  • Electric modelling

Main invention:

  • Method for determination of dielectric permeability of materials

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 125 authors’ certificates of USSR, 6 patents of Latvia.

  • Method for determination of dielectric permeability of materials: Nr. 1635723,  G 01 N 27/22, 1991; Nr.1746282,  G 01 N 27/22, 1992.
  • Technical diagnostics of machines and mechanisms and non-destroying control: Nr. 1244583,  G 01 N 29/04, 1986; Nr.1201762,  G 01 N 29/04, 1985; Nr. 1645889,   G 01 N 29/04,1991; Nr. 5019,  G 01 L 17/00, 1993; Nr. 5020,  G 01 L 17/00, 1993; Nr.5021,  G 01 L 17/00,1993.
  • Vibrotechnics: Nr. 880506,  B 06 B 1/16,1981; Nr. 1036394,  B 06 B 1/14,1983.
  • Electric modelling: Nr. 515126,  G 06 G 7/68, 1976; Nr. 458002,  G 06 G 7/68, 1975; Nr. 468265,  G 06 G 7/70, 1975.

About the inventions

The invention is based on the control and measurement of the change in the material capacity. The main idea of the invention is as follows: the measuring capacitor with the controllable material is put into a non-linear tank and the spectral characteristics of the non-linear element are analysed. This method allows increasing the control of impressibility and accuracy (compared to the traditional methods).

The possible application:

  • The humidity determination in current non-conducting materials 
  • The control of decrease of the flexibility module in polymer materials;
  • The determination of the ware density.


  • The invention has been used in the basis of the principal scheme of the apparatus controlling the humidity content of the spacecraft “BURAN” heat isolation material;
  • Widely used in the Latvia’s heat power industry, in apparatus determining the humidity content in black oil (in the steamshops of Riga, Madona, Daugavpils, Valmiera, Kegums and in the heating networks of Jelgava).

Implementation of other inventions:

  • Several inventions in vibrotechnics are used in vibration units provided for pugging of concrete mixture and ground for the construction work of decks, roads and tunnels.
  • The inventions in the sphere of vibrodiagnostics have been used in the production of apparatus for the detection of the fatigue crack of spacecraft construction elements. Such apparatus have been introduced in the experimental centre of Riga Civil aviation and in Russia – in the research association “Molnija” , in the development team named after A. Tupolevs, etc.
  • The inventions in the sphere of electric modelling have been used in production of the specialized analogic calculating machine “Inzenieris” , that is being used in 10 scientific research organisations in Latvia, Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

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