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Professor, Head of laboratory
Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis

Aizkraukles iela 21
Riga, LV-1006

Phone: +371 755 1232
Fax: +371 7550338

Born: June 12, 1934, Riga, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Medicinal chemistry

Main invention:

Diethone: antioxidant, radioprotector and growth stimulator. Provided for skin protection (prophylactic and curative) against x-radiation, protection of intact tissues in cancer clinics during the irradiation of malignant tumours, against ultra-violet radiation (while sunbathing – owing the shrinking of ozone layer), against thermic burns.

Foridone (riodipine, riosidine): antihypertensive, antianginal medication for the treatment of hypertension and bronchial asthma. Tender effect, few by-effects, improves heart blood supply. The injection solution is used for the preclusion of hypertonic crisis.

Cerebrocrast: Provided for improvement of brain blood circulation (in case of hemoragic shock), memory and treatment of diabetes, neuroprotector.

Selection of patent documents:

Totally: 105 authors’ certificates of USSR and 65 patents

  • Diludine. Co-authors: S.Hillers, J.Uldrikis, G.Tirzite a.o. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.300465 (1971)

    Patent of England Nr.1294650 (1973)
    Patent of France Nr.2055458 (1971)
    Patent of Japan Nr.702883 (1973)
    Patent of Holland Nr.149787 (1976)
    Patent of Italy Nr.969022 (1974)
    Patent of FRG Nr.2036403 (1978)
    Patent of USA Nr.3883673 (1975)
    Patent of USA Nr.3948924 (1976)

  • Cerebrocrast. Co-authors: N.Makarova, E.Bisenieks, J.Uldrikis, A.Kimenis. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1132501 (1984).

    Patent of France Nr.2587701 (1988)
    Patent of FRG Nr.3534385 (1990)
    Patent of England Nr.2180532 (1989)
    Patent of Japan Nr.1787003 (1993)
    Patent of Italy Nr.1189729 (1988)
    Patent of USA Nr.4845109 (1989)
    Patent of Canada Nr.1236839 (1988)

  • Diethone. Co-authors: E.Bisenieks, J.Uldrikis, J.Ivanovs, T.Ponomarjova a.o. Authors’ certificate of USSR Nr.1251376

    Patent of FRG Nr.3633315 (1990)
    Patent of USA Nr.4769382 (1988)
    Patent of England Nr.2203647 (1990)
    Patent of France Nr.2613617 (1991)

About the inventions

Diethone: substance and ointment are produced by a public holding company «Olainfarm», registered at the Drug register of Latvia Republic. Component of cream «Briga» (public holding company «Dzintars»). Diethone is used in agriculture under the name of «Diluduine» as a forage additive for the stabilization of carotene and to stimulate the growth of agricultural animals.

Foridone and cerebrocrast licences have been sold to a public holding company «Grindeks»; foridone pills, injection solution and drops are registered at the Drug register of Latvia Republic.

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