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Leading researcher
Chairman of the Scientific Council
State Horticulture Plant Breeding and Experimental Station «Dobele»

Graudu iela - 1
LV 3701

Phone: + 371 37 22294
Fax: + 371 37 81718

Born: February 9, 1935, Riga, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Arrangement and the cultivation technology of intensive orchards and berry gardens in Latvia
  • Combinations of varieties and stocks, crown forming
  • Irrigation and fertilization

Main invention:

  • In selection – a co-author of the apple-tree varieties 'Iedzenu', 'Alro', 'Forele', Stars', 'Sarma' and the pear-tree variety 'Kursa', that have been handed over for the verification of State varieties in 1984-88, but have not been registered yet. A co-author of the registered apple-tree variety 'Ilga' (ABE1) and the plum-tree variety 'Lase' (PLU1).
  • As the result of the research work done in agrotechnics recommendations about the combinations of the most appropriate varieties of the perspective apple-trees and the clonal rootstocks as well as the peculiarities of the apple-tree variety crown forming depending on the form of the variety and the crab-stock have been worked out.
  • Research on the economical efficiency of fruit-growing and the cultivation of intensive gardens and particular varieties.
  • The research on the apple-tree cultivation technologies are of a particular importance now when commercial fruit-growing begins to develop in Latvia and intensive apple-gardens are being planted. In conformity with the test data the engrafted variety can change very sharply the impact of the one and the same stock form on the vegetative growing, cold-resistance, productiveness and the harvest quality of apple-trees. The interaction between a variety and a stock can be both with positive or negative trend. Not all the combinations react equally also upon the crown forming methods. There have been studies of the impact of harvest rationing upon the apple quality and the production periodicity when using growing regulators and mechanical rarefaction of apple-tree and plum-tree fruitbuds. Research on the economical efficiency of varieties and intensive plantation has been carried out as well.

Selection of patent documents:

The varieties have been registered in February 27, 1999 in accordance with the resolution of the Latvian National Varieties Council:

  • apple-tree 'Ilga' – registration certificate Nr. ABE1,
  • plum-tree 'Lase'- registration certificate Nr. PLU1.

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