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Peteris UPITIS

Peteris UPITIS


Head, The Laboratory of Fruit-growing Selection in Dobele 1963 – 1976

Prominent selectionist who has worked with fruiter and decorative plant selection selflessly and with excitement all his life cherishing a dream about Latvia as a state of apples and nuts with sweet-smelling lilac drifts and white lily trumpets. He established a selection garden on the outskirts of Dobele with more than 80 thousand genotypes working simultaneously with 24 plant species (L.Cirse).

Born: May 19, 1896, Cesis district, Jumurda civil parish, Latvia
Died: April 4, 1976, Dobele, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

Introduction and selection of fruiters, berry bushes and decorative cultures

Main invention:

All his life he worked in the selection of horticultural plants, altogether with 24 different cultures.

He was the first one in Latvia to introduce hybrid plums with cold-resistance satisfactory for the local conditions. He was also one of the first ones in Latvia who introduced apricots and real quinces for which this is the prevalence extremity.

He has carried out a great work in the collection and investigation of the local gene pool of Latvia.

During the life of P.Upitis a strawberry variety “Junija Smaids” and a plum variety “Ziedture” were registered (for a long time both of them have been in the list of the districted varieties).

2 apple-tree, 1 pear-tree, 1 sweet cherry-tree, 3 plum-tree, 3 apricot, 1 raspberry and 9 lilac varieties from the hybrid material of P.Upitis have been selected, evaluated by the scientists from the State Horticulture Plant Breeding and Experimental Station “Dobele” and brought to the variety registration.

Selection of patent documents:

In February 27, 1999 in accordance with the resolution of the Latvian National Varieties Council the following varieties have been registered:

  • raspberry variety Ivars(co-author S.Strautina) - registration certificate Nr. AVE3
  • sweet cherry variety Aija (co-author S.Ruisa) - registration certificate Nr. KIR1
  • apple-tree variety Ilga (co-author M.Skrivele) - registration certificate Nr. ABE1
  • apple-tree variety ‘Ausma’ (co-author L.Ikase) - registration certificate Nr. ABE2
  • pear-tree variety ‘Jumurda’ (co-author M.Blukmanis) - registration certificate Nr. BUM1
  • hybrid plum variety ‘Agra Dzeltena’ (co-author L.Ikase) - registration certificate Nr. PLU3
  • hybrid plum variety ‘Inese’ (co-author L.Ikase) - registration certificate Nr. PLU4
  • home plum variety Minjona (co-author E.Kaufmane) - registration certificate Nr. PLU2
  • apricot variety Daiga (co-author E.Kaufmane) - registration certificate Nr. APR1
  • apricot variety Velta (co-author E.Kaufmane) - registration certificate Nr. APR2
  • apricot variety Lasma(co-author E.Kaufmane) - registration certificate Nr. APR3

Peteris UPITIS about investigation and meaning:


At the moment in the world special interest is about the lilac varieties of P.Upitis. For large-scale obtaining of seedling material their propagation have been started in «Ogres Meristemas» Ltd.

More about the inventor (in Latvian)