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Aldonis VERINS

Aldonis VERINS
EEditor-in-Chief of the magazine «Dārzs un Drava»
   Editorial office of the magazine «Dārzs un Drava»
   Phone/fax  +371 67614020
   Publishers «Saimnieks LV”, 
   Exhibition hall «Rāmava»,
   Valdlauci, Kekava parish,
   Riga region, LV-1076, Latvia
Born: January 6, 1929, Zvartava parish, Valka district, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Selection of gladiolae
  • Selection of tulips, muscari, orris, corydalis and peonies

Main invention:

Total: Certificates of 157 gladiolae brands.

Aldonis VERINS about investigation and meaning:

My greatest scientific achievement is the selection of gladiolaa. I have dedicated more than 50 years of my life to this particular flower culture and have created precise growing culture and plant protection system.
The greatest achievement was the creation of new varieties of gladiolas, selectioning of the most suitable brands for conditions of Latvia. 157 out of more than 400 new varieties of gladiolas are registered in the International Registry of Gladiolas. In year 2000 at the grand symposium where the best varieties of the world were estimated I received my greatest international recognition. 47 out of 304 best varieties (or 15.5 percent) were my selections. None of the world-class selectionists could draw near that amount.
Internationally most recognized is the variety of small flower gladiola 258 “Dave's Memory”: black blossom gladiola with silver petal edges - unique as the only gladiola in the world that has served as basis for creation of tens of the best world-class varieties. For 15 years this variety has been recognised the best in its colour group and for 3 years in succession the favourite gladiola of the whole period of gladiola selection started in 1847. In 2001 this variety was included in the Gladiola Hall of Honour in New York. Until now only “Dave's Memory” has deserved that honour.
High recognition – diplomas, honourable mentions and certificates of recognition have been given to more than 60 of my varieties. I will name only some of the most popular: 401 “Mothers Heart”, 400 “Maruta”, 427 “Prof. Parolek”, 400 “Bestseller”, 400 “Smiltene”, 414 “Darling”, 415 “Golden Ecstasy”, 427 “Pretty Woman”, 441 “Spring”, 266 “Royal Silk”, 468 “Girl of the evening”, 377 “Janus Song”, 399 “Brown Fairy”.
I have been working balso in selection of tulips, muscar, orris, corydalis and peonies. Many of these varieties have been included in the international registries. Pink salmon-colour variety of corydalis called “Blushing Girl” is very well-recognised for its uniquness.

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